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Bathtubs There are 5 products.

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  • $1,291.40

    The modern and essential design immediately conveys Teuco’s values of reliability and durability. The chromed plaque is the distinguishing trait of this collection. The clean-cut and geometrical outline of Wilmotte is completed to perfection.The price is for the most basic model without whirlpool.

  • $1,832.60

    Acrylic bathtub with soft & harmonious shapes endow it with a charming style, while the Hydrosonic® or Hydrosilence® whirlpool affords real relaxation. Now with the addition of the new Hydroline whirlpool, the tub turns into a haven to your well-being.The price is for the model without whirlpool.

  • $5,999.00

    By linking the choice of materials and more classical luxury stylistic features with the most sophisticated designs, Accademia adds a touch of classic style to the most modern settings, while further enhancing existing classical environments.The price is for the duralight material.

  • $7,614.75

    The I Bordi bathtub is truly one of a kind, a beguiling and appealing product in both the Duralight® version as well as in the natural stone versions. Available both in the stand alone and built-in versions.The price is for the duralight material.

  • $10,725.00

    An oval free-standing bathtub affording the charm of contemporary sculptures, capable of emphasising the amazing potential of the material, combining elegant design with the feeling of natural stone.The price is for a model without whirlpool.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items