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Accademia Freestanding Bathtub



By linking the choice of materials and more classical luxury stylistic features with the most sophisticated designs, Accademia adds a touch of classic style to the most modern settings, while further enhancing existing classical environments.

The price is for the duralight material.

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Teuco Bathtub Award

With Accademia, we have pushed the versatility of Duralight® beyond its existing limits, making this bathtub an item capable of setting a new styling standard, which is both strikingly simple yet at the same time luxurious, all imbued with a simplicity that allows past, present and future to liaise, teaming minimalism with neo-classical design.

Duralight® is an innovative acrylic-based composite material, patented by Teuco.

Its characteristics are astounding. Indeed, Duralight® is:

  • long-lasting: unfading colour under both natural and artificial light. It also ensures high resistance to stains, scratches and mould and mildew formation;
  • a pleasure to touch: with its warm and appealing tactile sensation, just like a natural surface, it enhances the pleasure of contact with water;
  • visually appealing: the fluid, joint-free forms are eye-catching. The surfaces have an uninterrupted flow about them, in both matt and glossy finishes;
  • non-toxic: at normal temperatures, it does not release gas. When it burns, it only gives off carbon dioxide and the smoke does not contain toxic gases;
  • hygienic and easy to clean: compact and non-porous across its entire thickness, it is resistant to external agents and is therefore easy to clean;
  • good as new right away: the surfaces can be restored to mint condition using a delicate abrasive detergent and an abrasive sponge;
  • freely pliable: Teuco's exclusive technologies for processing this material ensure total design freedom.

Available size: 181x59 cm

Accademia Bathtub Size

Accademia Materials

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