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New York Marble At A Glance

Published : 17/01/2019 15:15:25
Categories : Latest Trends

New York Marble Tiles

New York Marble is a unique translucent white marble, with dramatic dark purple veins. It is a very unique natural stone that brings beauty and value to your property.  New York marble is one of the few stone tiles that has a backlit feature. Which means the back of the stone could be illuminated via artificial light to create a nice feature. New York Marble contains dramatic veins. This luxurious natural stone could be used by itself, matched, or contrasted with other natural stone products. New York marble is a unique natural stone capable of adding beauty and value to your property.

New York Herringbone Honed Marble Mosaic

New York marble is available in a number of different patterns and formats. Tiles of this natural stone are finished in honed and polished to suit different applications.

New York Hexagon Honed Marble Mosaic

New York marble is also produced in subway tiles, herringbone, and arabesque mosaic sheets in different sizes. New York marble mosaic sheets and tiles are suitable for indoor applications however polished tiles are generally not recommended for bathroom floor since they offer less slip resistance in comparison with honed tiles.

New York Arabesque Polished Marble Mosaic

Slabs of New York Marble are very popular. They are often used to build sophisticated splashbacks, counter and vanity tops.

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