Choosing The Popular Natural Stone Tile For Your Home

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Choosing The Popular Natural Stone Tile For Your Home

Published : 17/11/2016 11:28:23
Categories : Renovation Tips

Cover Photo - House

Natural stone has been a popular choice for floors for centuries and it is for very good reason. Stone tiles bring the colours and texture of nature to your home and it adds a quality and warmth that's not possible with any other material. Every floor is unique because you are installing an actual piece of history on your floor or wall.

The beauty of using natural stone is that your installation will not look like any other, because every batch is cut from a different part of the quarry, so every vein pattern or inclusion will be different with each batch. Stone will age beautifully.

Let's take a look at the most popular stone tile materials:

1) Travertine
Travertine is a sedimentary rock composed of calcite. Tumbled travertine is an absolutely perfect outdoor stone as it has amazing natural slip-resistance because of the holes. Honed and filled travertine is also a great indoor flooring material.

Classico Medium Travertine - Pool Area

(Classico Light Tumbled Paver Travertine)

2) Marble
In ancient times, Kings and Caesars demanded marble floors, and now you can too. It's harder and more resilient than travertine. Carrara and Calacatta marbles are an absolute design classic and are used for everything from kitchen benchtops to through to walls and floors. Marble mosaics are a good design choice for kitchen splashbacks and feature areas in walls and floors.

New York Marble - Island Bench

(New York Marble Island Bench & Abolute Black Granite Benchtop)

3) Limestone
Limestone is another calficerous stone and it's similar to travertine. Unlike travertine however, limestone's been hardened through time and tectonic action. Limestone is an excellent choice for walls or floors.

Serpeggiante Limestone Tile - Bathroom

(Serpeggiante Grigio Limestone Veincut)

4) Granite
Granite is probably the hardest natural stone. Nothing else will hold a shine or repel water the way granite will. It's normally used outside with flamed finish or inside with polished finish. If you walk across the street in New South Wales, you may find Flamed Granite quite often used in public area.

Cobblestone Granite Project

(Diamond Black Cobblestone Granite)

5) Bluestone
Bluestone is generally a darker grey toned stone which is great for internal or external uses. It can be quite porous, so proper sealing before and after laying is highly recommended. Of course, you always need to consult with your professional local tiler. Bluestone is exceptionally popular in Victoria.

Bluestone & Travertine Tiles Combination

(Sawn Bluestone & Classico Travertine)

6) Sandstone
Sandstone is another metamorphic rock that lends itself to flooring. The wild color variations of other stones aren't as prevalent with sandstone and it's easier to find consistent tones with this material.

Himalayan Teak Sandstone - Wall Tiles

(Himalayan Teak Sandstone for the wall)


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