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Feature Walls - The Easy and Inexpensive Upgrade

Published : 27/09/2018 14:48:49
Categories : Renovation Tips

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Whether implemented in a living room, bedroom or kitchen, a feature wall is a relatively easy and cheap method of bringing style to your personal space. Feature wall, otherwise known as accent wall is one of the perfect methods for highlighting a focal point at home.

Although theoretically feature walls could be used in any room, in practice it is most common to use these types of walls in the living area where families tend to spend most of their time.

The entire purpose of a feature wall is to create a more stylish space in order to draw the attention of the crowd. It is quite common to choose from the high contrasting flashy designs. However, it is also important to avoid overwhelming designs.

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The main advantage of having a feature wall in your home is the provision of the opportunity to explore and choose from hundreds of different available colours and patterns.  With this large range of designs and materials available, it is quite difficult yet important to choose a suitable design for a feature wall.

Natural stone is a common, widely used material in the construction of feature walls that has countless advantages. Since stone is a naturally occurring material, the production of it requires very low energy content thus in terms of sustainability, natural stone is highly rated. In addition, natural stone is considered to be the most permanent of all surface material. Consequently, the maintenance costs of natural stone are extremely low, in other words, in the long term, natural stone has proven to be the right economic choice. Moreover, the natural stone does not depreciate in value since it only enhances with age.

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