First Home Buyer Renovation Guide

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First Home Buyer Renovation Guide

Published : 21/09/2017 17:00:31
Categories : Renovation Tips

I understand the struggle as the first home buyers. You may want to do some renovation to increase the home value and wondering where to start. This short article gives you a guidance as where to start.

1. Kitchen Is King

Kitchen Tiles

Unless your home is falling down around you, the smartest place to put your hard-earned dough is in the kitchen. That's where all the "magic" happens, so to speak. Now, I can give you the whole speech about putting down tile, stone, nice under-mount sink and yada yada yada. We have all heard it a million times over to put stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. We get it! Instead think about your layout and workspace. They call it the triangle. Basically it is the space where your cook area, sink and dishwasher meet to create an effortless flow when working. How far is your cooktop from your sink? Is your dishwasher close to the sink? Are you tripping over stools and a butcher-block table to get from one corner of the triangle to the other? If you have the means to invest some money into your kitchen, make sure to place all your new toys into a nice flowing workspace.

2. Boost The Bathroom

Calacatta Bathroom Tile

You don't have to go crazy: Install new fixtures, re-grout the shower, add crown molding and brighten up the room with some paint. A little texture can make a bathroom go from a plain Jane to a beauty queen. Just a few little improvements in a bathroom can be a really smart way to spend your money. You can't go wrong using natural stone mosaic to give an artistic effect.

3. Natural Stone or Porcelain Floor Tile

Timber Look Porcelain Tile

If you have a bigger budget, natural stone will give you an increase for your property value. The pattern and colour of natural stone tiles are timeless. If you are short in budget, you can go with quality porcelain tiles, such as Timber Look Porcelain.

4. Update Plumbing


If you have old, rusty iron pipes and fear that you have ingested enough metal in your drinking water to build a small ship, you might want to consider replacing the plumbing.  Believe it or not, an appraiser takes the plumbing into heavy consideration when assigning the value to a home.

5. Brighten Up Your Space

No one likes a dank, dark living space. Well, some people may like that sort of thing, but not anyone that likes keeping up their home's value. Throw in some can/recessed lighting in the kitchen and bathrooms to brighten the place up.

6. Front Yard Makeover

Diamond Black Granite Paver

Whether it's a nice paver walkway or simply adding some color to your planters, keeping your front yard looking fresh is not only inexpensive, but also adds nice curb appeal. In the case of home improvement, a book is always judged by its cover.

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