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High-Density Cement-Based Natural Terrazzo For Residential/Commercial Buildings

Published : 08/06/2019 00:00:00
Categories : Latest Trends

MCC is proud to be the exclusive distributor of HD Terrazzo in Australia. With its unrivalled features and high safety standards, check out all the benefits and features of HD Terrazzo here.

Terrazzo was fashioned famous in the 1960s. However, in 2019 Terrazzo is picking up trend again. But you may be thinking how can I incorporate in my house designs? Or how to use Terrazzo in my house? Here are some designs tips.

Terrazzo has been around for many years, featuring its use in shopping centres and airports. You may have seen the use of Terrazzo in designs more than you have realised. Terrazzo is often used for floor applications in commercial and residential buildings.

Each piece of Terrazzo tile is unique, they come in a variety of quartz sizes and a wide range of colours. Their versatility and special features make them suitable for applications in flooring, bathroom and benchtops. Furthermore, our range of HD Terrazzo is produced in three distinct finishes including honed, polished, and leathered to suit different applications and desires.

The new HD Terrazzo can be an ideal choice for the bathroom since it is very easy to maintain due to its extremely low water absorption in comparison with regular Terrazzo. 

The new HD Terrazzo is extremely durable, skin and food safe. It can be used to make the most sophisticated benchtops. 

With its limitless design potential, Terrazzo is a timelessly versatile stone. For more ideas on how you may incorporate HD Terrazzo into your designs, please feel free to speak to our in-house architects and interior designers today. To find out more about the unrivalled features and high safety standards of HD Terrazzo, click here.

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