Kitchen Splashback Ideas

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Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Published : 16/12/2019 09:41:46
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The kitchen splashback is a great way to add colour, patterns and personality into your kitchen.

The kitchen, being a prominent area in the home and one that is arguably the most important, is a great space to implement your own personality and sense of style.

A splashback is the perfect way to do this! Splashbacks are a prominent decorative feature of the kitchen, allowing designers to implement different patterns and materials. To inspire some ideas, below are some options to aid your creative flair.

Mosaics Tiles:

A popular option is to use mosaics for splashbacks. MCC has a wide range of different geometric mosaics available, which can be used to create beautiful patterns.

Check out our Mosaic range here.

Please be aware that there are a variety of natural stone options for each mosaic style listed below:

Subway Tiles:

An alternative to mosaics are subway tiles. Subway tiles are able to make any room look bigger and brighter. Subway tiles, predominantly known for its use in New York Subway stations, is picking up trend again due to it’s classic look and minimal grout lines. This allows for efficient and low-maintenance care. With Subway tiles you won’t be needing to worry whether your kitchen will be out of trend as their classic style ensure that it is never outdated.

For more information on marble mosaic tiles, please feel free to visit our showrooms or speak to our friendly sales staff. Marble and Ceramic Corp is the leading importer and distributor of high-quality natural stones. We offer a vast range of products at the most competitive prices, and can organise delivery Australia wide.

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