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Leyla Turkish Glass Mosaic Tile

Published : 30/10/2017 12:04:57
Categories : Latest News

Leyla Glass Mosaic Tile
Manufactured in Turkey, a country renowned for its beautiful glass mosaic production for many centuries, Leyla Glass Mosaic Tiles come with 27 colours option. It’s created from recycled glass to ensure environment friendly material while maintaining high-quality standard.

Leyla Glass Mosaic Tiles can be used for Swimming Pools, Spas, Bathrooms and Kitchens. Being a glass mosaic, both chlorine and salt water will not affect the product. Leyla Glass Mosaic Tiles come with guarantee against colour fade or manufacturing faults.

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The Leyla Glass Mosaic Tiles have the following strengths:
  • Hot melt backing system, SilyCord® Polyurethane System, which complies with Australian Standard that relates to the adhesion of glue to the back of the tiles.
  • The tile comes with improved thickness compare to the other manufacturers.
  • Optimised spacing between the glass chips that helps gluing and grouting.
Why Choose Leyla Glass Mosaic Tile
We have made Leyla Mosaic with your family’s safety in mind. Each mosaic has smooth, softly rounded edges. Whichever colour you choose from our extensive range, you can be confident your Leyla Mosaic will stand the test of time – all thanks to our innovative Silicon System.

Leyla Mosaic’s Silicon System is the result of three years research and development and extensive analysis of failures of swimming pool tiling systems using the traditional paper face, clear film face, mesh backing and dot mounting systems.

Our system gives the installer the ability to adhere at least 95% of the back of each mosaic to the surface to be tiled. Australian standards require a minimum of 90% coverage for swimming pools.

The innovation doesn’t stop there! We’ve made each Leyla mosaic 5.5mm thick. Other mosaics can be as thin as 3mm. Submerged in a demanding swimming pool environment, this extra thickness provides a deeper space for more grout to be applied. Some manufacturers place dot mounts between each mosaic – thus occupying this important space. In some instances, this limits the application of grout to a depth of no more than 1.5mm. It’s only a matter of time that the grout deteriorates leaving the unsightly dot mounts exposed.

By partnering with a leading manufacturer of mosaics with 25 years’ experience, Leyla Mosaic ensure the success and appearance of your project.

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