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Natural Stone Pool Coping Tiles

Published : 05/07/2018 12:46:01
Categories : Latest News

Pietra Tumbled Paver Limestone Pool Coping (Pietra Grey Limestone Tumbled Paver)

Pool coping is the material above the tile line that generally covers the top of the pool structure. This coping also serves as a frame around the pool, much like a frame around a picture or painting. There are many options available for pool coping. A good pool coping will finish off a pool and give it a fantastic look.

Bluestone Pool Coping (Bluestone Pool Coping)

A wide variety of natural stone can be used as pool coping, these include: travertine, marble, limestone, granite and bluestone. Natural stone provides an aesthetically elegant character to your pool design. Natural stone pool coping also offers warmth, texture and sturdiness.

Many people choose natural stone pool coping as it gives a unique look because no two pieces are the same. Natural stone paver with 30mm thickness as pool coping is the best choice. Tumbled finish, as we talked about this in our previous post, will provide a good grip when walking on it.

Bullnose Travertine Pool Coping

Another popular option is bullnose stone paver. Bullnose paver has a round edge that adds a smooth corner. Bullnose paver is more expensive compare to the tumbled paver because of having an extra manufacturing process.

Marble & Ceramic Corp is one of the biggest importers of natural stone product in Australia. We have a massive range of natural stone pool coping and pool tiles to suit your taste and budget. We guarantee you the best price and quality. Please feel free to contact our friendly staff for any inquiries.

Travertine Pool Coping

(Travertine Pool Coping)

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