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Pre-Mounted Support & Innovative Grout Lock System In Glass Mosaic Tile

Published : 03/08/2017 11:23:02
Categories : Latest News

Diamon Profile Glass Mosaic Tile
When you are choosing glass mosaic tile for your pool, it is important to get the right product so that it costs you less in the long run. Down below is the innovative solution that is currently available in Trend Glass Mosaic & MosaicCorp Glass Mosaic range.

TREND PLUS pre-mounted support 316 x 316 mm sheets (10 sheets/sqm) are the ultimate solution for fast and easy installation.

Pre-Mounted Plus SystemCSIRO ISODin-En

TREND PLUS pre-mounted support is an innovative technology with polyurethane reactive (PUR) pre-mounted rear support, solvent free and non-flammable for glass mosaic sheets. TREND PLUS pre-mounted support: 90+ percent of bonding surface available as recommended by the Australian Standards; TREND ensures that THE FILLING OF THE GROUT VOID IS 100% UNOBSTRUCTED by our Polyurethane PLUS pre-mounted support. The PLUS pre-mounted support is 100% UV stable Polyurethane and does not expand or contract in submerged situations.

TREND PLUS pre-mounted support guarantees maximum flexibility of the sheets while ensuring stable and secure support during installation without detaching of the tiles. It can be used with any bonding and is the best solution for the installation of the mosaic in any environment: outdoor, indoor, swimming pools, etc.
* Use a 4 x 4 mm notched trowel for installation

TREND Innovative Grout Lock System
Grout Lock SystemAustralia Tile CouncilAustralia Tile Association

The DIAMOND PROFILE of the tile is designed to trap the filling grout; an ingenious design intended as a definitive solution to trap the grout in place, and at the same time showing a minimum grout look.

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