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Published : 21/03/2020 14:07:31
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Sealants are used to prolong the life of your tiles by adding a protective layer on the surface. This slows down the path for liquids and thus allows more time for you to remove or wipe off the substance.


An applicator is required to apply the sealant to your tiles and/or grout. A variety of items can be used such as a brush and roller, however, the most common is the lamb’s wool applicator. Make sure before you start the sealing process, there is no dust as it will create an uneven seal on your tiles. Also, consider sealing your grout as it will make the grout waterproof and less likely to stain, ensuring it’s longevity with your tiles until the next sealing process. Always apply the sealant twice as a safety precaution as areas may have been missed during the first application.


Depending on the location of the tiles, they may need to be resealed often. An example is a bathroom as water vapour is able to erode the sealant, thus if not sealed every few years, mould will start to form. To test if your tiles need resealing, pour a little bit of water and see how long it takes to disappear. If it takes a long time, it means it is time for resealing. So the general rule when it comes to sealing is to always seal your tiles but there is an exception which is ceramic. If your ceramic tile is unglazed, sealing is necessary as it is porous. Therefore, only sealing unglazed ceramic is fine.


Sealants are able to make your tile either glossy or matte, however, there are many products that do not affect the appearance of your tile. Lithofin from Germany has a great and wide variety of products for any type of situation and need. Their products are of incredibly high quality compared to other brands on the market.  Each product is categorised by the material aimed to be used on; Ceramic Porcelain and Natural stone. Their products remove stubborn oil, wax, rust and similar imperfections and seal your tiles which do not affect the appearance of the tiles. 



Sure Seal is a great Australian brand that has a variety of products. One is a multipurpose sealant for tiles, grout and stone, the only difference between their products is the fact that one is slow drying and another is fast drying. There are more products in their range that may be better suited depending on the job and none of their products will change the look of your tiles or grout.


For more information on Sealants and the different range of products, please feel free to visit our showrooms or speak to our friendly sales staff.

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