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Tips On Choosing Tiles For Your Project

Published : 01/11/2018 16:17:09
Categories : Renovation Tips

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The first and arguably the most important factor before finalising tile selection is to consider how space will be used after the tiles are laid. Depending on the portion of the building that is being tiled, the requirements of the selected natural stone may vary. For instance, the characteristic of an outdoor tile is different than those of an indoor tile. Considering the following factors before finalising selection of your tiles will possibly save you a considerable amount of time and money.

1) The battle between attractiveness and functionality goes on. The level of wear subjected to a floor depends on the area of application as well as the frequency and the amount of the applied load. Outdoor tiles need to be more durable and functional due to the higher traffic which results in more stress in the natural stone tiles, whereas indoor tiles are usually required to be more attractive rather than functional. Natural stone tumbled paver is the best for outdoor area because it has 30mm thickness with a rough surface. While for indoor, people normally use natural stone tile with 12 to 13mm thickness. They are all available in multiple colours, type of stone and sizes. Another advantage of natural stone tumbled is that the edges already finished and do not require high-cost of edging process like porcelain tiles.

Bianca Perla Tumbled Tile

2) Slip Resistance is another important factor that should be considered. Generally speaking, the surface finish of a natural stone product can affect its slipperiness. Water reduces friction and thus the “grip effect” of a natural stone. Since the bathroom and the outdoor area stone tiles are more likely to be exposed to water, rough and uneven surfaces such as tumbled finish stone is the preferred in those areas especially if there are children and elderly people in the residence. Whereas polished and honed surfaces are mainly recommended for indoor use.

Travertine Tumbled Tile 

3) Light, shape, and colour: Lighting is quite important when it comes to how the end product is going to look. Using proper lighting you can simply trick your eyes. For instance, if the area that is being tiled is not subjected to a sufficient amount of light, then using a dark coloured tile will be a mistake or vice versa. Similarly, choosing a large size tile in a small area can create an illusion of a more spacious, wider area.

Block Marble Porcelain Backed Tile 

4) Buying the right type of natural stone requires a little research before making a final choice. There is a wide range of colours, shapes, patterns, and finishes available to suit distinct tastes and projects. Moreover, the amount of maintenance that each tile requires also varies.

5) The final step before ordering natural stone tile is to consider ordering at least 10% extra material in case of any wastage or breakage during installation. You want this in the same batch as much as possible and sometimes it takes more than five weeks to import the material if it is running out of stock.

Galaxy Grey Honed Marble Tile

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