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Tumbled Travertine Tiles and Pavers

Published : 28/06/2018 16:03:04
Categories : Latest Trends

Tumbled Paver Travertine Chiaro
Tumbled Travertine is very popular in Australia. It is a natural stone of choice, especially in the Sydney & Melbourne market. Tumbled finish makes the surface feel great when we walked on with bare feet. People normally use it for outdoor area, but it can be used inside according to the preference. Being a natural stone, each piece varies in colour; making each piece uniquely natural.

Classic Travertine Tumbled Paver
Tumbled stone is typically unfilled when purchased and can be left that way for pavers only, while tiles need to be filled with grout by the installer during the grouting phase. It is recommended that tumbled travertine to be sealed before and after grouting.

Travertine tumbled comes in various size formats, both square and rectangular shaped. Colours are range from very light cream, medium beiges to dark. The difference between tiles and pavers is in the thickness. Travertine tumbled tiles has a thickness from 12-16 mm, while travertine tumbled paver has 30mm thickness.

If you are looking for a product that will last the test of time, then travertine is the product for you. Marble & Ceramic Corp is the major importer and supplier of travertine tiles and pavers in Australia. Some of our travertine range are as below:

Travertine Tile Range

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries. We will be more than happy to assist and offer you the best price in the market.

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