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Ways to Use Travertine Outdoor Pavers

Published : 07/06/2018 14:04:46
Categories : Renovation Tips

Classic Travertine Paver
Buy the highest quality travertine outdoor pavers in Australia. We are working very closely with the manufacturer; enables us to sell travertine tiles and pavers at wholesale prices.

Our Travertine comes in a variety of finishes that include crosscut or veincut. We supply both unfilled and filled. Travertine that is unfilled is where the tiles are grouted and can be filled on your site. Travertine that is pre-filled with epoxy is done at the production stage and ready to be grouted.


Travertine is a dense closely compacted form of Limestone found mostly in areas where circulating ground water contains calcium carbonate. As a result of the variety of minerals found in the earth’s surface, travertine comes in a wide variety of natural colours. That’s what makes them ideal for using as outdoor pavers.

Classic Travertine French Pattern Paver
Travertine stone is used for both the interior and exterior of buildings. It has a classic simplicity that works for flooring, splashbacks and counter tops. Travertine outdoor pavers can be utilised in outside areas with great success. One of the key ways you can use travertine pavers is to simply line a walkway.

Outdoor Borders

Travertine tiles create a classic look which can give your home and landscape a vintage effect. If you are into Spanish or Tuscan styles, travertine pavers are ideal for achieving this, especially the 30mm travertine size. Another way in which 30mm travertine outdoor pavers work well in the landscape is as a border around established beds and gardens. Use travertine pavers to accent or show off the colours of a specific plant specimen or group of specimens.

Marble & Ceramic Corp is the main supplier of Travertine Tiles and Pavers in Australia. We import directly from the manufacturer. You are more than welcome to visit our showrooms or call our friendly sales team.

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