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Mapei Mapeflex PU45


Single component, thixotropic, rapid-hardening polyurethane sealant and adhesive with a high modulus of elasticity.

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Mapeflex PU45 has been specially developed for sealing expansion and distribution joints in horizontal and vertical surfaces, including those which are subject to occasional chemical attack provoked by hydrocarbons. It is also recommended for flexible bonds between similar and different materials most commonly used in the building industry for both internal and external applications and as a replacement or to integrate mechanical fasteners.

To see more details about MAPEI Adhesive Guide, please click here: MAPEI Adhesive Guide

Some application examples:

Used as a sealant:
• Sealing expansion and distribution joints subject to movements up to 20% of the average width of the joint in:
   – industrial floors subject to vehicular traffic, including heavy vehicles;
   – concrete floors for internal and external car-parks, supermarkets, shopping centres and warehouses;
   – ceramic flooring and coatings, including in areas subject to intense traffic such as supermarkets and industrial environments where fork-lifts are in use;
   – concrete walls and general internal and external vertical structures where the use of a thixotropic product is required;
   – old concrete floors which are to be covered with a Mapefloor System.
• Sealing cracks.
• Sealing pipe-work systems for air-conditioning
and electric cables.
• Sealing sheet-steel sections, such as flashing
and guttering.
• Sealing general fillet joints.

Used as an adhesive at thicknesses up to 3 mm:
The high bonding characteristics and rapid-hardening properties of Mapeflex PU45 make it suitable for joining various materials and for bonding on a wide range of substrate materials.

Mapeflex PU45 may be used to bond most building materials, for example cement and cement-based products, cellular concrete, bricks, steel, copper, aluminium, general pre-painted surfaces, glass, mirrors, gypsum, wood and wood-based materials, ceramics, clinker, insulating material, plastics such as PVC, acrylic glass and fibreglass.

If Mapeflex PU45 is used to form flexible bonds, it is a multi-purpose product for constructing and finishing building works such as:
• tinwork and flashing;
• skirting boards, cable beads, beading rods and corner guards;
• pre-formed decorative elements;
• bathroom fittings;
• window sills;
• roofing tiles, concave roofing tiles, covering panels and insulation panels.

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