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Mapei Shower Waterproofing Kit



Easy to use kit containing everything required to waterproof a shower in one tub. Mapei’s Shower Waterproofing Kit includes: 5kg Mapegum WPS Waterproofing Membrane, 500g Shower Waterproofing Primer and 10m PVC Waterproofing Tape.

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Everything you will need to waterproof your shower in a single tub!

Mapei’s Shower Waterproofing Kit provides everything needed to achieve a fully secure and water tight barrier, all in one ready to go tub.

Mapegum WPS is a fast drying liquid membrane used for the interior waterproofing of bathroom and shower walls and counter tops before installing ceramic tiles.

The Shower Waterproofing Primer is a pre-diluted water-based synthetic resin primer which once applied to any surface dries to form a flexible, compact, shiny coating that consolidates the surface where needed. This primer also improves the adhesion of smoothing compounds, paints, adhesives for wall paper, adhesives for tiles and mortar renders over porous substrates.

The PVC Waterproofing Tape makes up the third part of this solutions based kit. This PVC tape is formed using a liquid membrane and provides a highly flexible waterproofing seal for edges and expansion joints, when treated with Mapegum WPS.

“When it comes to tiling wet areas there appears to be an urban myth that there shouldn’t be a need to apply a waterproof coating because “my tiles and adhesives are waterproof”. In reality the commonly used types of adhesives and grouts are water resistant and not waterproof. Whilst they will not fall apart in wet conditions they will not prevent the passage of water. Although epoxy resin based adhesives and grouts are water impervious, it would be practically impossible to guarantee a 100% solid, seamless layer of adhesive. Therefore the only true method of providing a watertight barrier is to install a waterproof tank. The Mapei Shower Waterproofing Kit is an easy to use assortment of products to enable installers to achieve effective waterproofing that lasts,” commented Colin Stanyard, Head of Technical, Speciality Ceramics at Mapei.

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