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Trend Monte Carlo (Wahoo) Italian Glass Mosaic Tiles


Trend Monte Carlo (Wahoo) Italian Glass Mosaic Tiles

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20mm - 15x15 Tiles - 316x316mm




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Trend Monte Carlo (Wahoo) Italian Glass Mosaic Tiles

Chip Size: 20x20 mm

Sheet Size: 316x316 mm

Price per square metre

Semi-transparent molten glass mosaic tesserae, enriched with sparkling enamels and aventurina stone. The mixing of two glass colors allows us to achieve the classic veining effect on the surface.

Aventurina is an artificial stone produced by the fusion, at approx. 1200° C, of silica sand, copper and color components.

From the seventeenth century this process allows glass maker to create new effects in color, producing an adventure in design or "aventurina".

Trend Wahoo was made using up to 59% post-consumer recycled glass. For actual information please see document attached.

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